Questions and Answers

What is so special about the CHEMICALS used?
The smell of clean does not always mean it’s clean. Residual vapour after a clean not only masks the quality of the clean, it can be harmful to health. All Fidelis Facility Management cleaners come with a safety conscience. We are discerning about the cleaning products and techniques used. Our products must be safe to use and highly effective. Cleaning solutions are fit-for-purpose rather than general purpose. Why? Because we recognise a tailored approach is needed for a range of work environments and surfaces. Our cleaning products coupled with superior cleaning equipment and technique enables us to offer a customised service.
Why is Fidelis Facility Management's AVAILABILITY better than others?
In this fast-paced, automated world in which we live it is increasingly difficult to reach the right person, at the right time with the right authority to answer a question or concern quickly. Time is often spent in a phone queue, then transferred to another department. If really unlucky the call drops out and you lose your spot in the queue. Fidelis Facility Management is committed to premium service and positive customer experience. To get in contact, we have a dedicated 1800 # with Fidelis Facility Management staff on call 24/7. If need be and a message is left, we will keep trying until we reach you. Our target is within 2 hours.
Who needs cleaning CONTRACTS?
Tired of long-term contracts with fine print that makes it impossible to exit without legal intervention? Who wants to be bound by any contract? Contracts secure cleaners who gain your trust and then may or may not deliver on their cleaning mantra. Fidelis Facility Management doesn't use contracts. Instead, our focus is top-quality cleaning and great client relationships to secure your ongoing service, not iron-clad contracts.
Why we don’t ADD-ON SERVICES?
What's included and excluded ‘are not a conversation you need to have with Fidelis Facility Management. Whether it’s the fridge, the microwave, the coffee machine or the glass partitions- we'll clean it, no drama. Why? Because if it needs to be cleaned, we clean it. At Fidelis Facility Management's, add-on services are included in our standard offering. We put the effort in so that it’s a conversation that isn’t needed.
Why SECURITY & PRIVACY is just as important to us as it is for you?
How important is knowing who enters and exits your premises? How well do you know your cleaner? Do the cleaners change regularly? Fidelis Facility Management is security-conscious and privacy-aware. We will agree on arrival and departure times and stick to it. You will know the cleaning crew by name including those who backfill while your crew takes leave. We guarantee that 80% of the time you will have the same cleaning crew. All Fidelis Facility Management staff have police clearance checks.
When are STANDARDS more than rhetoric?
When you not only see the difference, you can also feel it each time. Do you ever wonder why cleaners meet expectations some days but not always and rarely exceed expectations? At Fidelis Facility Management's, consistently high-quality service the first time and every time is a core principle all Fidelis Facility Management cleaning teams live each day.
When the cleaning TEAM is an extension of your work team?
Have you ever known the name of your cleaner? Do you find cleaners enter a room as though they are invisible or you are? Is it a revolving door of cleaners and you never know if you will see the same person again? Fidelis Facility Management staff are selected because they have a passion for cleaning. We match the strengths of our cleaners to environments and clients. Why do we do this? Because we take the quality of cleaning and client experience personally and very seriously.
Who does AUDITS these days?
We do! You may be wondering what we mean by an “audit” because you have never known this to be done. While every effort is made to maintain consistently high standards, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Fidelis Facility Management's adopts a similar practice to the airline cross-check. It’s done on the day and again each week. Like airline safety, we take cleaning very seriously.
Checking in and fine-tuning is built-in to the Fidelis Facility Management premium service. At your first clean, you will meet the BDM, operations manager and will receive their contact details. We genuinely welcome your ongoing feedback – the good, bad and the ugly – because we stand by our mantra “premium service at a standard price”. We do as we say. If issues arise – they are dealt with promptly and escalated. Following an issue-fix, the cleaning crew is re-inducted to your site and these issues become topics for the next Fidelis Facility Management training and development session.
Why we welcome your FEEDBACK – the good, bad and ugly?
Two-way, responsive communication is key. Typically, a post-it pinned to a noticeboard or a book is used for messages. How effective have these been? At Fidelis Facility Management's, we take chance out of the equation and have an online portal linked to our smartphones. Your message will reach us in real-time so we can action it immediately.
Why PRESENTATION signals readiness to do a great job?
First impressions matter. They speak to the quality of the cleaning service you can expect. Have you ever had your cleaner show up a little disheveled? While a sensitive topic, has personal hygiene and body odour been an issue for current or previous cleaners? Fidelis Facility Management cleaners take pride in their work and in their appearance. Uniforms are worn at all times.
What REPORTING can you expect?
Duty of care below the cleaning surface is why reporting is integral to our service. Fidelis Facility Management's gets up close and personal with rattles, leaks, cracks, faults and defects and we anticipate wear and tear. Prevention is better than cure and the cleaning crew is trained to look out for maintenance and safety issues. All concerns – large and small will be reported without delay. Let us be your eyes.
When do EXPECTATIONS matter?
Less is not more. More is More and Fidelis Facility Management do more than clean. Cleaning scope is set by you, the client who entrusts Fidelis Facility Management to maintain the environment in pristine condition. Anyone can clean. Fidelis Facility Management's are compulsive about cleanliness, neatness and tidiness. Our measure of success will be when we claim bragging rights as your preferred cleaning provider.
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