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Whether you believe in psychology or not, studies have shown staff perform better, mood and morale is improved and “sickies” are reduced in environments that are clean, fresh and tidy. According to ISSA, in fact 1.6 days of absenteeism can be saved.

Clients, customers and visitors are also more likely to engage in your product or service when staff are happy and the environment is clean and tidy. It is a win-win all-round.

A company that cares about the conditions staff work in, will enjoy competitive advantage every time! Impressions made start with the chairs in the waiting room, the floor coverings throughout; condition of the personal facilities and even the shine on the handles of doors.

Go for fresh coffee smells not coffee stains. Build a breeding ground for success and results not germs and disease.

Fidelis Facility Management's call to action: Wiping the smudges of an intense day at the office so you can start afresh. Leave the office behind confident in the knowledge that overnight magic happens. The Fidelis Facility Management magic is:

  • Methodical and specialised chemicals and technique that is kind to the planet
  • Attention to treating high risk areas for bacteria
  • Personalised cleaning team who love what they do and do it well- every time!
  • Quality checks by Fidelis Facility Management HQ
  • Advice on areas of maintenance – which we are happy to organise for you
  • Things you will notice that you hadn’t before- lighting is brighter?

Why Fidelis Facility Management? If you are still unsure and have more questions, check out Fidelis Facility Management's premium vs standard difference. If you believe you can, let us show we can clean it better. Call today for an obligation free clean 1800 66 77 05

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Standard vs Premium

AreaMost Other Cleaning ProvidersFidelis Facility Management's
ChemicalsStandard one size fits all approachTailored to suit your site and individual needs. This includes a comprehensive range of ECO products
AvailabilityMonday – Friday. Often long response timesPriority 1800# answered by us 24/7. Guaranteed 2hr response time
BillingStandard, Non flexibleFlexible terms. Invoicing to suit you
ContractsFixed contract. Often 2 year lock in periodsNo lock in contracts. Month to month terms
Extra servicesFridge cleans, microwave cleans, full glass cleans, coffee machine cleansMost extra services are complimentary, our standard is
Security & PrivacyCleaners often not known. Access times not verified. Multiple cleanersSame clean each time (80%). You will know your cleaner by name. Real time reporting on access times. Police checked
StandardsPotentially fluctuating standard. Good one day and bad the next.Consistent standards. You will know what to expect each day.
TeamPool of cleaners. Whichever cleaner is available gets the job.Hand selected for each site. It's not about who has the time but who suits the environment and client the best.

Monthly staff training. Immediate intervention process for any concerns raised.
Audits1-3 monthly site audits.We check in with your weekly.
Site monitoringCleaning team potentially left to their own devices. Very little support.Cleaning team inducted by our operations over the first month of cleaning. This is a hands on process.
TechnologyOften a book or folder left on site. You can write you comments in and hope that the cleaning company will see it.Online custom portal that captures everything. Company wide transparency meaning that everyone from sales to operations sees your messages and is ready to respond.
PresentationOften no uniformUniforms always worn for easy identification while on site.

High standard of hygiene and presentation at all times.
ReportingNothing is reported.Our team identify maintenance, safety and facility concerns before you do and report with haste.
ExpectationsCleaning standards driven by the company and the scopeCleaning standards determined by our clients. Our only measure of success is client satisfaction.

Just because it’s clean doesn’t mean it is – Complimentary phone sanitising wipes left on each desk after the clean.

Professional solution-based environment. Nothing is too much for us to arrange. Let us take the effort out.

What Our Clients Say

I would highly recommend using Fidelis Facility Management's. They are a cleaning company that surpass all others. They pride themselves on going that extra mile for their clients. Right from the start, the service and attention to detail by the team has been of a very high standard, showing their professionalism in the work that they perform.

Client – Miami

Fidelis Facility Management's have been cleaning our office and factory for a couple of weeks now and we could not be happier with the service. I have been able to change a few minor things by ringing Yvette directly and she gets it resolved straight away and is always more than happy to help. Could not recommend them enough!

Grace - F&M Fabricators

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