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Did you know, two predictors of guest satisfaction?:
quality of sleep and
quality of clean

When living away from home, whether for a short or long period, travellers are weary although on very high alert for quality and positive experience.

They expect to feel special and valued as a guest not a customer. Tolerances for poor quality are very low. Visual appeal is critical and you will be constantly compared with the previous place they stayed.

How will you compare?

Stand out from the plethora of accommodation with Fidelis Facility Management's standard of premium clean.

Together with Fidelis Facility Management, create the right mood that will meet their expectations and needs from the moment they check-in, through to their elevator journey and into their room. Fidelis Facility Management's standard of premium clean will layer the aesthetic appeal of your establishment with the scent of clean to calm the mood and trigger positive memories.

What is the Fidelis Facility Management formula of difference you ask?

  • Personalised cleaning team, selected for their skill and passion for accommodation cleaning services
  • Cleaning solutions and methods designed to be kind to the environment and fit for purpose
  • Extensive induction and monitoring from Fidelis Facility Management HQ that ensures consistently high standards first time and everytime!
  • Dedicated 1800 number for contact any day, anytime
  • Professionally presented team- clean and tidy uniforms. We walk the clean talk at all times
  • High care factor – we see things you may not with signs we are onsite when we are not
  • Peace of mind - take care of the quality of clean so you can focus on other aspects of their stay
  • Let us delight you!

Still unsure although a little curious, give Fidelis Facility Management a call 1800 66 77 05 and put us to the test with a complimentary, obligation-free clean. Can you afford not to?

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Standard vs Premium

AreaMost Other Cleaning ProvidersFidelis Facility Management's
ChemicalsStandard one size fits all approachTailored to suit your site and individual needs. This includes a comprehensive range of ECO products
AvailabilityMonday – Friday. Often long response timesPriority 1800# answered by us 24/7. Guaranteed 2hr response time
BillingStandard, Non flexibleFlexible terms. Invoicing to suit you
ContractsFixed contract. Often 2 year lock in periodsNo lock in contracts. Month to month terms
Extra servicesFridge cleans, microwave cleans, full glass cleans, coffee machine cleansMost extra services are complimentary, our standard is
Security & PrivacyCleaners often not known. Access times not verified. Multiple cleanersSame clean each time (80%). You will know your cleaner by name. Real time reporting on access times. Police checked
StandardsPotentially fluctuating standard. Good one day and bad the next.Consistent standards. You will know what to expect each day.
TeamPool of cleaners. Whichever cleaner is available gets the job.Hand selected for each site. It's not about who has the time but who suits the environment and client the best.

Monthly staff training. Immediate intervention process for any concerns raised.
Audits1-3 monthly site audits.We check in with your weekly.
Site monitoringCleaning team potentially left to their own devices. Very little support.Cleaning team inducted by our operations over the first month of cleaning. This is a hands on process.
TechnologyOften a book or folder left on site. You can write you comments in and hope that the cleaning company will see it.Online custom portal that captures everything. Company wide transparency meaning that everyone from sales to operations sees your messages and is ready to respond.
PresentationOften no uniformUniforms always worn for easy identification while on site.

High standard of hygiene and presentation at all times.
ReportingNothing is reported.Our team identify maintenance, safety and facility concerns before you do and report with haste.
ExpectationsCleaning standards driven by the company and the scopeCleaning standards determined by our clients. Our only measure of success is client satisfaction.

Just because it’s clean doesn’t mean it is – Complimentary phone sanitising wipes left on each desk after the clean.

Professional solution-based environment. Nothing is too much for us to arrange. Let us take the effort out.

What Our Clients Say

Before working with Fidelis Facility Management's we were struggling to maintain a high level of room presentation – It felt a though we were constantly reminding the cleaners on every little detail that needed to be complete. Since Fidelis Facility Management's has been looking after all the room servicing and common area cleaning, we are exceeding our clients expectations and we no longer are managing the cleaners as their supervisor looks after everything. I would recommend Fidelis Facility Management's to any hotel or accommodation facility that not only wants value for money but also an outstanding result.

Emily - 19 th Avenue on the Beach

Up until working with Fidelis Facility Management's the room servicing had been such a pain. Staff constantly changing, standards up and down and unreliability. Now we have partnered with Fidelis Facility Management's the one thing that I can rely upon is that our guests will check in and be happy with the room standard. No more stress for me and my team. Thank you Fidelis Facility Management's! I would have no hesitation recommending the services of Fidelis Facility Management's to anyone looking for a rock solid option for their accommodation cleaning.!

Jo - Splendido, Miami

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